Sunday, November 22, 2009

(500) days

On day (1) it's all about intuition,
a hint and a handfull of expectation.

on day (eight) time is already melting,
screaming without a voice,
the moment u wanted.

on day (34) mind racing,
you have a reason,
you have a choice,
here we go again.

on day (one-hundred and two) ,
i'm charmed by your smile,
entranced by your eyes,
i melt at your hands,
and blend with your sounds.

on day (three-hundred five),
a dream,
a love,
a moment
frozen in stars,
sparkling my words.

on day (500) well...
one fine day,
we'll fly away.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Staying up till the morning light,

im thinking of changing my vocation,
hoping from island to island,
like never before,
i'll put on my little hat,
my stripped shirt
and i'll sail away,
in harmony,
and i wont rest,
until sparks cross
my fingers and your dots,
between silver and steel.