Friday, October 27, 2006

in your eyes

my mouth is full,
i have my heart as an apple,
filling my mouth.

your name is carved in my lips,
whenever i open my mouth,
your voice wrapped in my ears,
each time i think of you.

this spark within me,
is how i know i trust you,
it's how i know i can rest,
waking up in your eyes.

so I'll keep on dreaming,
dreaming of you,
so i can wake up,
and rest in your eyes.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hole in the Fabric

there's a hole in the fabric,
of your favorite t shirt,
you're looking all loopy,
trying to cover the holes,
while I'm sneaking glances,
into your heart.

you're all worried,
staring at your holes,
while I'm here smiling,
cause i know the solution.

I'm wearing your t shirt,
so I'll have your holes,
so you can sneak glances,
into my heart.

Monday, October 23, 2006

mis estaciones


te voy a regalar mi verano,
para que florezcan las sonrisas,
y para que cuando pique el sol,
sirva para refrescar tus hojas.


te voy a regalar mi otoƱo,
para que caigan tus miedos,
y que cuando floten suavemente,
acaricien el suelo de tu felicidad.


te voy a regalar mi invierno,
para que mis copos de nieve,
arropen tus ramas frias,
y pinten de blanco tus dias.


te voy a regalar mi primavera,
para que al final del arcoiris,
tu cuerpo descanse en mis colores.

Friday, October 13, 2006

season of the rabbit

i've gone hunting,
but please dont be afraid,
i have a smile for a gun,
and it's you, i plan to disarm.

it's not as bad as it appears,
im shooting all your fears,
to help you through,
just look around,
i got the antidote here,
to suit the mood your in.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

thats all right

you can run away,
i'll run behind,
you can swim far,
i'll hold my breath.

you can float high,
i'll tie a rope on your toe,
so i can follow you,
as we glide thru space.

you may need time,
to unwind, i dont mind,
i keep a special clock,
just for us, and our time,
our lovely time.

you may wear your kaki shorts, ill wear my smile, we'll meet up there, inside our hearts, and that's all right.

Monday, October 02, 2006

scramble me words

My words are filled with meaning,
my head is filled with rhymes,
i have a constant showcase,
of pictures of you,
sliding in my eyes,
yet my sentences,
fail to make sense,
maybe you,
can bring stories to my words.

Scramble my Words

Lets meet

at a place

and watch

a monkey


a movie

dancing pretty funky


matching smiles

in different styles

well eat

a burger


a car

made of


and well
keep on


a song

jumping to the sky

falling in

a sea

of love