Monday, September 25, 2006

Drag me with you!

something about you is magnetic,
i cant help but feel so attracted,
whereever i go, i carry you with me,
and now, you can carry this post,
so whereever you go, i can be with you.
(drag me and see)

Friday, September 22, 2006

you can

if you want,
take it,
and if you want,
take it all.

you can have it,
have it all,
and i dont mind,
it's all right.

i know its hard,
just dont be afraid,
no matter what,
what scares you so
just look around.

if you want it,
you can take it,
if you want it,
you can have it all.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Melted Creations: M.A.

i think you and i have melted,
i spent hours talking to you,
so i decided to touch your face,
slowly, learning your face,
with the little eyes in my fingers,
until gently,
we started to melt,
oh you and i.

i tickled your cells,
along with mine,
just so we could fit,
shall we vanish into the sea?
oh you and i.

autumn's coming,
im still sleeping,
floating into the stream,
a golden dream.

inside our melted world,
something was beating,
something more than us,
more than the sum of us.

now, i cant leave this world,
our melted creation,
born in a far away nation,
in our favorite continent,
where in a different time,
in a similar place,
our meltedness took shape,
took voice,
and for a couple of days,
dominated our entire future.

Friday, September 08, 2006


you can hide,
but you dont have to,
close your eyes,
feel me now,
when i hold you close,
next to me,
feel me now,
come on under,
im holding the moon,
under my covers,
i dont know you,
but i cant help,
feeling you now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


acomodate en mis ojos,
descansa en mi mirada,
deslizate en mi cabeza,
dejame pensarte,

acercate un poco mas,
despierta en mi piel,
llena mi espacio,
con tu presencia.
dejame dormirte,

Monday, September 04, 2006

un rincon de una casa

caprichos de la tarde,
me escondo en tu mirada,
apago el sol, y cae la noche,
todo por viajar a tu pais.

le susurrare al ocaso,
preparare la velada,
tomare el avion,
que descansa en tu ventana.

me ire de safari,
visitando lugares exoticos,
caminando pasos nuevos,
todo por viajar a tu pais.

te regalare mis hojas en blanco,
llenalas con tus palabras,
con tu presencia,
con tus besos.

huire a esconderme,
en un rincon de una casa,
jugando a que me encuentres,
en nuestro pais favorito.