Wednesday, August 30, 2006


subo por tus colinas,
y alcanzo el tope,
todo para tropezar,
y volver a empezar.

lentamento miro,
el paisaje lo conozco,
ha estado en mi cabeza,
lo he recorrido entero,
en mi cabeza.

miro por tus praderas,
descanso en sus curvas,
la tierra acaricia mis pasos,
que recorren lentamente,
como un viejo amigo,
los distintos caminos.

escalo tus colinas,
retengo tu cielo en mis ojos,
y entonces te encuentro,
escondida en mis rincones,

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

crossing fingers

im going to be fixing your meals,
just let all your wounds heal,
im crossing my fingers,
just let this feeling linger.

cover your eyes in a veil,
ill teach your fingers braille,
as our senses touch,
making our skin smoother.

see my eyes collide,
each time they meet yours,
and we let feelings glide,
out of all our spores.

ill learn to mold the air,
all for one stare,
im crossing my fingers,
you should cross our love.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

memorias en africa

navegando en aguas desconocidas,
sin saber en que rumbo,
al final tomaste la decision,
nos quedariamos en africa.

siempre te gusto el ambiente,
y a mi siempre me gusto el aire,
especialmente a tu lado.

y entre cojines africanos,
me hundi en tu dulzura,
nadando en dulze melaza,
conectando nuestros cuerpos.

suavemente paseo mis memorias,
en esta dulce africa, pais indomable,
que visitamos en un rincon de una casa.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

es unico.

corriendo alrededor,
jugamos a perseguirnos,
renaciendo cada dia,
en una locura fragil,
que nace en nuestros ojos,
y inunda nuestro mar,
lleno de dudas.

girando en tu aire,
perdido en tu tiempo,
y luego la luz,
que tapa el sol,
y las explosiones,
sonoras y ardientes,
ya... no veo el sol,
en todo este resplandor.

estar en tu espacio...
es unico.

Monday, August 07, 2006

persistencia de la memoria

quiero que uses mis brazos,
quiero que tu tiempo se derrita en mi,
quiero que tu mar descanse en mi orilla,
al final de cada oleada.

como un reloj de dali,
me quiero derretir en tu textura,
y la llama que arma nuestra quimica,
porque el tiempo se ablanda,
se dobla, se desvanece,
todo ante un roze.

asi que, jugemos a persistir,
danzando en nuestras memorias,
derritiendonos el uno al otro,
al final de cada oleada.

updates: silly rhyme madness

i know right now,
im trying to rhyme
a small lil chime,
to make sure you,
so that you too,
know its true,
with just some glue,
i am the one who,
has no right shoe,
isnt a jew,
sometimes has a clue,
and fixes this zoo.

there are no animals,
but like a new shiny star,
i changed the sidebar1,
like a new piece of cotton,
i changed the blog's bottom2,
with a bit of delicious,
yummy, vicious infusion,
and in all this confusion,
i hope its not an illusion.

some gods may play the dice,
but since i dont have a vice,
ill try to play favorites,
cause among the many,
there stand a few3.

1) the thing to the right of this blog (at least it should be there)
2)at the very very very end of the blog!
3) at the top of deliciousness, some favorites shall popup from time to time

Friday, August 04, 2006


i asked you a question,
while i was singing my song,
waiting for someone,
to sing along,
cause its all too heavy,
and im not ready,
chasing my dreams,
around my head,
i can see gleams,
or so it seems,
around every corner.

i asked you a question,
waiting for my song,
and for you, to sing along.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

about some dame

im making a box,
taking the measures,
of your slim frame.

you are to blame,
for all this flame,
burning down all i write,
with the sun,
coming out your eyes.

im standing in your sea,
staring at your sun,
a flaming sphere of fun.

this is a fine line,
i can play with your flame,
all night long,
singing a song,
about some dame,
and her sweet,
sweet game.


a slow dizzling,
as the sand goes down,
never going back,
caressing the glass.

the flame is almost up,
my heart, it's colder,
a genie with wings,
slipping in time,
watching things,
a feeling sublime,
as the sun sets,
and all goes black...

Image: Melancholia I by Albrecht Durer

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


jumping between clouds,
dancing in the stars,
singing with the sun,
you shine away,
till my fears are gone.

your eyes are a gun,
that shoots bullets,
silvery, shiny,
small pieces of happy,
landing all over the place,
with just one look.

so... lil moongirl,
will you hop down,
turn me around,
shoot your gun at me,
and take me away?

between us

something ethereal,
dancing between us,
cold as numbers,
but dancing between us.

something graceful,
a vicious hypnosis,
creating melodies,
that make us dizzy,
floating in fields,
of numbers...

something accelerates,
acumulates, melting,
hesitates... between us,
the sun looses its power,
becomes something,
between us,
cold as numbers,
but between us.