Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cinco de Maio

i wake up to the sound of a man on my door,
his knuckles giving my door some love,
his voice roaring,
something about a dame,
so early.

the clock stares back at me,
it's late already,
i figure this better be good,
as i move down the steps,
im greeted by a known silouhette,
too good a sigh for so early in the morning,
i wait for the hit to come,
she bring donuts,
i wonder what her case is,
i do know sweets in the morning,
can only mean one thing...
a gig. a tough one at that.

said she needed to find a gift,
hapyness for a day,
as a present for someone,
what is this happyness she speaks of?
is it real?

and who where the one's hiding it?

as the day progresses,
i find some clues,
it all seems hazy,
but the dame is determined,
she knows hapyness is out there,
whatever it is,
and i wanted in.

as i rode around the hood,
looking for answers,
some thugs massaged my head,
with a thick bar of steel.

i woke up fuzzy,
the world seemed determined,
this "hapyness" was to be hidden,
but the dame was pushy,
and as the night fell,
we found "hapyness",
then, the night was over,
and before i knew it,
as i woke the next day,
hunted by the karma police,
i found out the lady's real motif,
she needed some muscle to pin this on,
some meatbag to take the heat,
for so much hapyness.

it was worth it.
(thanks for the great bday)