Tuesday, April 24, 2007

fries and ketchup

(or mayonesse if you're pulp-fictian).

Sometimes i wonder,
complements... they're amazing,
they actually, you know... complement stuff.

i beleive simple ideas can change the world for better.

maybe, if we act less like the solution to other people's problems and more like the complement, we could focus more on our part of the deal, and not delude the efforts in feelings of 'grandeur'.

and it's a pretty good feeling to be the compliment to something. Then you achieve fries-n-ketchup-ness, a total state of bliss when fries and ketchup (that would be you) complement each other, and make a better taste out of the combination than one of you would be independetly.

it's like this post, if it helps you make your life just one once better, it will be, well, you know... complementing stuff. your stuff. what more could u ask from the ramblings about fries and ketchup from a guy that doesnt even like his fries with much ketchup, i do like compliments though.

feel free to send them my way ;)