Monday, September 18, 2006

Melted Creations: M.A.

i think you and i have melted,
i spent hours talking to you,
so i decided to touch your face,
slowly, learning your face,
with the little eyes in my fingers,
until gently,
we started to melt,
oh you and i.

i tickled your cells,
along with mine,
just so we could fit,
shall we vanish into the sea?
oh you and i.

autumn's coming,
im still sleeping,
floating into the stream,
a golden dream.

inside our melted world,
something was beating,
something more than us,
more than the sum of us.

now, i cant leave this world,
our melted creation,
born in a far away nation,
in our favorite continent,
where in a different time,
in a similar place,
our meltedness took shape,
took voice,
and for a couple of days,
dominated our entire future.