Monday, August 07, 2006

updates: silly rhyme madness

i know right now,
im trying to rhyme
a small lil chime,
to make sure you,
so that you too,
know its true,
with just some glue,
i am the one who,
has no right shoe,
isnt a jew,
sometimes has a clue,
and fixes this zoo.

there are no animals,
but like a new shiny star,
i changed the sidebar1,
like a new piece of cotton,
i changed the blog's bottom2,
with a bit of delicious,
yummy, vicious infusion,
and in all this confusion,
i hope its not an illusion.

some gods may play the dice,
but since i dont have a vice,
ill try to play favorites,
cause among the many,
there stand a few3.

1) the thing to the right of this blog (at least it should be there)
2)at the very very very end of the blog!
3) at the top of deliciousness, some favorites shall popup from time to time