Sunday, June 04, 2006

It was a dark and stormy night

the dame's scream hit an octave usually reserved for calling dogs,but it meant i had a case, and the sound of greenbacks slapping across my palm is music to my ears any day. After all, im not an opera critic. im a private eye.

i could see a silouhette in the dark,
is was not your normal darkness,
not the smokey sort either,
although there was smoke...
plenty of it.

the streets were dark,
with something,
something more than night...

as I held my hat tight in it's
confused place, i realized,
i knew who that silouhette was drawing,
it was a dame...
they all are...

standing at about 30 feet,
she looked like a lot of class,
from 10 feet...
she looked like something made to be seen 30 feet away....

i didnt mind either way,
i treated my dames like a pair of gloves,
when your cold, you call them.

as i listened to her case,
i thought about the two magnums
sitting at my desk,
one's a gun,
and i keep it loaded,
the other's a bottle,
and it keeps me loaded.

ah bourbon...
Alcohol is like love.
the first kiss is magic,
the second is intimate,
the third is routine.
After that, you take the girl's clothes off.

before i knew it,
this dame was pushing me around,
i knew the type.
she's the sort that breaks your heart,
just before she breaks your arms.

the last thing i wanted this morning was a case to solve, but the dame who brought it was persuasive. most dames are, somehow.

and... having a case...
maybe i could pay the bills,
of course i mean bill,
my bookie...

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