Saturday, April 22, 2006

your rarest resource...

“Conversation is more than the sum of the words. It is
also a way of signaling the importance of another person by
showing your willingness to give that person your rarest
: time. It is a way of conveying respect. Conversation
reminds us that we are part of a greater whole, connected in
some way that transcends duty or bloodline or commerce.
Conversation can be many things, but it can never be useless.”

-God's Debris* by Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame)

Sun enter's the window, touches the skin,
creates a smile, when text read speaks,
when it says thoughts you entertain.
thoughts that guide you.
Thoughts of incredible simplicity,
yet unavoidably important relevance.

-rcphq, constant seeker of rare resources

*free (legal) eBook

thanks scott for reading your fanmail.
and answering it.
i'll wait for that hair sample... or something..