Monday, April 03, 2006

any monsters under my bed?

in a typical scene from Calvin n Hobbes ,
last night i peeked under by bed,
as i slowly tried to face the floor,
i asked (in a trembling voice, although ill never admit it)
(except now..)
"Are there any monsters under my bed tonight?"
after a small moment's hesitation,
a deep, gurgling voice came up,
"no, we're not here".
"We?!" -i said

another deep, gurgling, slightly irriated voice now:
"Darn it bob, you blew our cover"
the air was tense....
i tucked myself in my bed, tight,
eyes looking for any 3vil monster movement.
after a while i heard a voice:
deep and gurgling, but now, it had a twist,
it seemed... caring... (somehow)
"Are YOU there?!"
I didnt sleep well last....
i kept wondering if they still were there...
maybe i still am