Saturday, March 25, 2006

walking on water

last night we went to the aquarium,
not the real one, the one in my dreams,
it's bigger, and has more fishies.

you were with your camera,
as usual,
i was wearing shoes,
as usual,
but all of a sudden,
something totally unusual happened.

we saw a sea plant,
full of spikes,
as sharp as teeth,
making its way down the pool,
down to a little black square hole,
which the plant was carefully hugging.

the plant gave it teeth too,
and that seemed funny
so you decided to take a picture.

not a normal picture,
that was easy,
instead you decided to walk on water,
on top of the hole,
and slowly fade down,
while i gently waited to pick you back up.

It's one of the most amazing pictures you've taken in my dreams.